About us

This is a diary blog of the old-fashioned kind. We’re not selling anything, not trying to influence anyone, simply documenting the beauty and nature we find in our garden.

We’re making a new pond We made a new pond in our garden several years ago and this is our blog describing the process of making it and (hopefully) eventually a as well as a record of the plants and animals we share our garden with.

Although ponds and marshes have been something of a lifelong passion, we’ve been particularly inspired by the ideas behind the Million Ponds Project of the British freshwater habitats trust. Amphibians are under pressure globally, as are many invertebrate species, adding a pond to our garden is probably the single biggest enhancement we can make to our local ecosystem.

Under the influence of the highly readable “no nettles required” book about the wildlife value of gardens, we have been gardening for wildlife for some time, this is our first opportunity to rewild a little and add something valuable back to Nature.

It seems we’ve made a lot of gardening posts and this blog has also taken a left turn into food, drink and Copenhagen family life.

After some years of neglect, we have left the walled gardens of facebook, instagram and twitter and now you’ll find us in the fediverse on @downbythepond@pixey.org

Come and join us down by the pond..

Bright yellow cup shaped flowers over fresh green leaves - a marsh marigold - sits in the water at the edge of a stone-lined pond- Grass is visible ot one side
It’s spring and the marsh marigold is in full flower, the water forget-me-not is a little too rampant.

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