Climbing Danish Mountains

Sometimes, you just have to get out of the garden.

I recently bought the excellent guide to the Danish mountains. Initially thinking it was something of a joke, the highest natural point in Denmark is after all a mere 170.86 metres  high, 9 cm above the nearest competitior, in Denmark, every centimetre counts, I have become quite fascinated with the idea of being a “Compleater”.

We have in the past toyed with the idea of doing all the Munros (Mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet/915m). There are 282 of them and only 84 mountains in Denmark over a hundred metres. But in the book, author Roger Pihl, a Norwegian with a fear of heights, convincingly argues we should consider the lowest as well as the highest, giving a grand total of 117 “mountain” tours in  det yndig land.

This seems like a good year to try and tick them all off so here is a page to track our progress.