Spoilt for choice

Right now in the garden summer is in full-on mode. I’m spoilt for choice as to what to admire but these black-eyed beauties caught my eye this morning. Oriental poppies, Papaver Orientale, are something I’ve not previously grown, though I really like, the common European corn poppy. 

I’m not actually that big a fan of the fire engine red plants, especially as these don’t seem to colour well with the rest of the garden but they are such a bold statement and I think some new planting around them with coordinating hot colours could really work. The extremely fragile looking frilly petals are a wonderful contrast to the foliage and the bright colours, I really like these plants, but they only last a few days, especially in the heat we’re having right now so it’s important to really appreciate them.

I think this variety is called Turkenlouis, I may try to get some Patty’s Plum, a famous burgundy colored variety as well, since they do well in dry spots. However, right now just getting done amongst the foliage to have a really good poke around is a great way to spend 5 minutes to myself before work… 


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